The work shop is about recording your experience. We will work on many paintings and drawings. Remember outdoor activities are not like working inside, and should not be treated as so. Its about absorbing all the senses around you. From this you can take home your sketches and use them as reference to work on a more accomplished piece(s) if desired.



























  • Outdoor workshops last for 3 hours.

  • Individuals will be paired up to form a larger group.

  • A location will be pre-arranged. This is all according to where you are based and the weather conditions.

  • From a meeting place, we will walk to our destination which won't be too far away.


On our arrival to location, we will set up a base. From here we will work on a series of water colour paintings. You will be mentored to achieve the specific goals of this workshop.


  • to show your enthusiasm,

  • to understand your reason for painting

  • to work on what interests you. From colour, texture, movement, light etc

  • to relax and enjoy and gain confidence.

Materials that are provided

  • watercolour set

  • watercolour paper (approx 20 x 30 cm in size)

  • brushes

  • a thin wooden board ( approx 25 x 35 cm in size)

  • clips (to hold paper on board)

  • weights (to weigh down your paper whist drying)

  • water container 

  • a lightweight tripod stool


What you should bring

Ruck sack – for contents above and to include contents below
(please remember that you will be carrying this, so not too heavy)

  • your food, drink

  • extra warm clothing (if needed)

  • waterproof jacket (if needed)

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • camera

  • your art materials if desired


@2019 by Rachel Busby

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